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Weather on Mt. Kilimanjaro

WHAT’S THE WEATHER LIKE ON MOUNT KILIMANJARO? They say that variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to temperatures, Mount Kilimanjaro can – and will – offer you everything from extreme cold to very hot. The different and quite distinct climate zones are one reason why climbing Kilimanjaro is so special, so … Read more

Public and Private Toilets on Mt. Kilimanjaro

WHAT ARE THE TOILETS LIKE ON MOUNT KILIMANJARO? Any trekkers will be asking themselves about toilet facilities up on the mountain, but we realize that not everyone is comfortable in asking us! So, as we at Kili Africa Tours like to be upfront and honest about this delicate subject, here’s the true situation. The standard … Read more

What to Pack on Mt. Kilimanjaro (Gears & Kit List)

CLIMBING GEAR AND KIT LIST Kilimanjaro Climbing gear and Kit List contain the list of gears and personal equipment recommended during Kilimanjaro Climbing. Proper equipment is real extremely important to the success, comfort and safety of your trip. Recommended clothing has four features; Manages moisture – Wicks perspiration from your skin, use for the base … Read more

Food Menu on Mt. Kilimanjaro

WHAT IS THE FOOD LIKE ON MOUNT KILIMANJARO? Our menus are always improving and we always have new dishes being introduced accordingly and you can have any of special requirements before climb even if you aren’t a vegetarian. What about have birthday cakes during the climb or a Christmas, New Year cards and cakes at … Read more

Rescue Evacuation On Mt. Kilimanjaro

HOW IS THE RESCUE AND EVACUATION DONE ON KILIMANJARO? Altitude sickness is not an uncommon occurrence on Kilimanjaro and it is impossible to totally prevent it from happening. Our mountain teams are experienced in detecting and dealing with it, so you will be in safe hands with Kili Africa Tours. The best and fastest solution … Read more

Which vaccinations and medicines do I need to visit Tanzania?

Which vaccinations and medicines do I need to visit Tanzania? Prior to travelling to Tanzania, you must get the necessary vaccinations to enter the country. Visiting your health centre, six weeks’ prior is advisable. Below are the vaccinations you are recommended to have, subject of course to what the health centre or vaccination clinic advises: … Read more

Essential medical checks on Mount Kilimanjaro

MEDICAL CHECKS BEFORE CLIMBING MOUNT KILIMANJARO Medical checks are vital when climbing Kilimanjaro. That’s why we at Kili Africa Tours recommend undergoing medical checks for all our Kili climbers. Your own doctor will be aware of any pre-existing conditions that affect you and will be able to advise whether your current state of health and … Read more

How can I prepare for high altitude on Kilimanjaro?

It’s fair to say, the effects of high altitude are one of people’s biggest worries on a Kilimanjaro climb. Nobody can guarantee that you won’t suffer from altitude sickness, and no preparation can guarantee that it won’t affect you. But by choosing a responsible operator you will significantly reduce your chances of suffering, and by … Read more