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Public and Private Toilets on Mt. Kilimanjaro

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Any trekkers will be asking themselves about toilet facilities up on the mountain, but we realize that not everyone is comfortable in asking us! So, as we at Kili Africa Tours like to be upfront and honest about this delicate subject, here’s the true situation.

The standard toilet facility on Kilimanjaro is the public ‘long-drop’ toilet.You will find these at all the campsites along the route, but please note that they are not available at picnic lunch stops. To describe them accurately, these consist of a simple wooden hut constructed over a deep hole in the ground. There really is not much more to them than that. You have to sit or squat. It is fair to say that as these are public toilets, they get a lot of use and therefore can become quite dirty.

At Kili Africa Tours, we offer an alternative, the private mobile toilet. As the name suggests, this has two important – and very welcome – differences from the long-drop public facility. First, they are reserved for use by your group and nobody else. Secondly, they are carried between camps by your team of porters and are cleaned by them daily. (Note that they are available only at the camps, not during the day’s trekking or at lunchtimes.) These are proper chemical toilets, equipped with a seat, set up in a purpose-designed tent for your privacy, and we at Kili Africa Tours provide one on every climb at additional cost of $236 per Toilet.

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