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Before you Climb Kilimanjaro

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How to prepare for the climb

A Kilimanjaro climb is a very special type of adventure, beyond a traditional vacation. Unlike popular beach vacations or simple hiking tours, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro requires certain preparations. After all, this adventure takes hikers to the highest point of Africa at 5,895 m/19,340 f. This is often the highest altitude many climbers to ever achieve, making this trip a true adventure of a lifetime. In this way, Kilimanjaro adventures are dangerous and unless the trekking party is staffed by the professional guides and equipped with proper equipment, the hikers are exposed to certain high altitude-related risks.


Pre-climb training

The old saying is that ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ This can hardly be more true than when you are taking on a challenge such as Kilimanjaro. Start your pre-climb training early, then build it up gradually. There is lots to consider here. When should I start, what activities should I be doing? Should I train alone, or get specialist help? What about my diet ?

Everyone is different, so there is no single correct answer. But simply ‘doing nothing’ is not an option. The day after you have decided to climb, that’s the day to begin your training!

Prepare For Altitude acclimatization

It’s fair to say, the effects of high altitude are one of people’s biggest worries on a Kilimanjaro climb. Nobody can guarantee that you won’t suffer from altitude sickness, and no preparation can guarantee that it won’t affect you.

But by choosing a responsible operator you will significantly reduce your chances of suffering, and by following their advice you will adapt and acclimatize as best as possible to the conditions at altitude.

Medical checks

Climbing Kilimanjaro is tough – not dangerous, but it needs to be treated with respect. And that involves consulting with an expert – your doctor – to make sure that you’re fit and good to go.

There are no shortcuts with this, you need to know if there’s any condition that might hamper the progress of your journey to the summit. And we at Easy Travel need to know of any medical conditions you may have.

Vaccinations & Travel Insurance

Don’t take any chances with your trip. It is crucial to ensure that you are up-to-date with vaccines when you visit.

And don’t leave your vaccine planning until the last minute – you should be checking your vaccine status and thinking about what you need, well before your departure date. And if you are not sure, do consult your doctor or vaccination clinic.

Also, There are many good reasons for having good travel insurance, but to book a trip with us, it is an absolute requirement.

Choose the right operator - Kili Africa Tours

As far as planning your trip is concerned, this is perhaps the most important part. Booking with Kili Africa Tours is infallibly the best way to ensure that you are booking with the right people. Every year we take over a thousand trekkers to the Roof of Africa. Our office and climbing base are right at the foothills of Kilimanjaro and we personally manage, control and supervise each and every departure.

Local presence – we are a fully registered company operating from Kilimanjaro. We don’t subcontract our climbs. We organize each and every climb ourselves, so you can rest assured all the details will be professionally handled and any questions or concerns we will address directly – no third parties!

We have proper gear and equipment from the North Face, Black Diamond, Red Fox, and other respected brands for mountain climbing. We are also one of the largest tourism employers in the country. There are over 150 professionals (guides, porters, cooks, etc.) in our Kilimanjaro guiding crew.

Your excitement will begin long before you arrive and continues to build as your journey to Tanzania speeds you on the way towards your Kilimanjaro adventure.

There are many ways of getting to beautiful Tanzania, so let us share our expert advice with you, based on many, many years of experience.

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